July 19, 2016

What We Do

The web development services of London Punk include all phases of web design, inclusive of a mobile app customized to your particular casino.

The network security configuration is crucial, we implement security encryptions to eliminate risks regarding your customer’s banking and financial information, as well as addresses and phone numbers. Passwords and login identifiers are completely secured through these programs and technology. The ability for your customer to use and implement several payment options will be available on your new website, inclusive of all major credit cards and payza. Verification documents of your customers will be easily scanned and downloaded directly to you, a new and successful program we have added to aid the enrollment process of online casinos.

Your web content and development will be customized by our experienced web designers and graphic artists to enhance the overall web design and uniqueness. We have designed several new twists to existing online casino games that would be beneficial to you and your customers. In addition, we have personally developed new and exciting games that you will have the option to implement into your website.

A newly designed and interactive feature available to you as part of your web site is a life-like dealer who interacts in card game playing such as blackjack or texas hold em. The dealers’ witty charm and comments make the card game more exciting and appealing to your customer. Features such as this one in particular keep your customer engaged in the game, promoting the feel of live casino action!

Another innovative feature we have implemented into online casinos is hourly and random prize drawings. For these drawings the player must be actively playing on a slot machine or engaged in a card game.

The program will automatically and randomly choose a player, send a bonus notification to their screen and instantly credit their account with the bonus amount (you will program the amounts). The graphics of the bonus win are amazing, complete with colorful fireworks and give your customers a thrill!

We seriously take into consideration that you have customers of all age groups playing your online casino games. We custom tailor specific games for easy navigation and understanding of the games and their pay outs. The rules of each game are accessible within the game to help your customer understand the game being played at that time.

We have critiqued the individual programs so there is no lag time while the wheels of the slot machines are spinning. The quality of the action is instrumental in acquiring repeat play especially with your online slot games. Another feature added into your online slot games is the choice of music your customer wants playing during the game, which is unique to online casinos. Ensuring that your customers have an enjoyable entertainment website available to them any time, any where, is top priority. Our web site designing and programming gives you the competitive edge you are looking for, guaranteeing your success!

When you are interested in updating your website, changing out or adding new games, our CMS (content management system) will aid you in the process. You will be able to seamlessly change, delete or add new options to your website easily and effectively. Our customer support service is available to deal with any issues you may have when implementing these changes or updates. It is our company policy to follow up with you as frequently as needed for using this system. We can make the updates for you or instruct you how to incorporate the updates into your website. Our goal with your new website is to stay up-to-date encompassing all avenues of modern technology for better performance and overall quality.