July 19, 2016

Our Clients

London Punks recently acquired a client named 888 Casino. In desperation they came to us revealing they were going to close their online casino. Their customer count had gradually dropped so low that they were seriously entertaining the option of closing down. When they came across our web site designing company information, they decided to invest one more time in an effort to revitalize and save their business.

Realizing this challenge would make or break the future of 888 Casino, our team of website designers went to work immediately on the project. Within one short week we were prepared to present the final product to our new client. They had high hopes after reviewing and interacting with the website and were excited to set the wheels in motion immediately. After thirty days in operation, the website had accomplished its mission. New customers were joining the online casino every day, enjoying the new look and gaming experience. Word spread through social media sites and 888 Casino became the hottest new online casino available with the latest and greatest graphics for online gaming. The navigation through the website was simplified and the games were dynamic. The new programs enticed customers to stay longer and become more engaged with the games they were playing. The return rate of customers increased and the amount of deposits made followed suit.

We had provided 888 Casino with a brand new look on their existing website, implementing new games, better graphics, interactive life-like dealers and custom music tracks. The mobile app they chose to incorporate had the latest and greatest specs, was easy to navigate and free to their customers to install. The mobile app was a huge hit with the majority of their existing customers and new customers alike. The CMS program London Punk designed for 888 Casino will enable them to update and make any changes they may need regarding their website and now booming business. 888 Casino was overwhelmed with gratitude and shared their profit increase data with us. Their profits had increased by fifty percent in just the one month period it operated under the new website. The owners of 888 Casino are now considering opening a brand new online casino named London Lucky 5. They chose the name to represent the five London Punk web designers they met with who gave them the encouragement they needed to implement a new website design and continue their operations. The brand new online casino will be an up and running website within one month. Without a doubt this project will be successful in its endeavor, providing quality entertainment for customers from all over Europe. This is just one example of the way a quality, innovative website can enable an online business to be a complete success and expand with their existing business.

When we realized what an impact this new website had for 888 Casino, we reached out to other online casinos we viewed that in our opinion, really needed an update. The response we received was so overwhelming that we, ourselves, have had to expand and grow as well. Gaining more clients each and every day encourages us to keep moving forward with our expansion plans. We are adding new programs specifically designed for online casinos continuously through our expert teams’ hard work and innovative ideas. The addition of mobile apps was widely welcomed and a great success not only for 888 Casino but for others as well. Our own internal expansion has included hiring additional web designers, graphic artists and technology experts. Having additional staff has enabled us to keep up with the demands of our growing number of clients. We are able to design the individual, quality websites they desire to ensure their customer growth and reach their potentials. As each client knows when they sign on with us, they receive undivided attention and quality expertise in the development of their unique online casino website. Our web designers are complete team players, thinking out of the box is the norm for them. This is no limit to their imagination and creativity that is instrumental in developing our clients websites and programs for online casinos. As the number of online casinos expands we will be able to meet the demands of these new companies without sacrificing the quality or uniqueness we pride ourselves on.